December 2023 Sermon Series and Memory Verse

During this special time of year, we invite you to join us during our worship services (Sunday at 10 AM and 6 PM). This month, we are exploring those that God entrusted with the message of the nativity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In the morning services, we will explore the angelic encounters recorded in the Gospels. During our evening services, we will look back at the prophetic words spoken about the birth of Christ.

Challenge yourself to memorize this verse this month. It is a great way to learn the Bible and to remind us that God had a plan… And He still does!

Christmas Concert at HCC

Hadley Community Church invites you to join us for an inspiring evening of music on Sat., December 23 at 6 PM. The program will feature music from the Foresters.

The Foresters are a family band in full time Gospel Music Ministry. Based in Nashville, TN, they travel all across the United States and Canada, as well as Europe, holding more than 130 concerts each year. They play a large variety of instruments including, Piano, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and Drums. They write much of the material they sing. They also sing many of the great old hymns and gospel songs of the church. Mark is also an ordained minister and holds revival and preaching services in addition to their concert ministry. The Foresters consist of:  Mark (vocals, piano and guitars) , Andrea (lead vocals) , Tyler (age 18- drums and guitar) and Trevor (age 14 – vocals and bass guitar).